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My Story

For those who know me as a professional meeting facilitator I am delighted to share my art with you: Art is a deeply rooted part of my being.

I have always been an artist, but didn't answer the call for many years. With the opening of my studio at the Stutz in 2005 I finally answered that call.

My work as an artist is informed by my experience working with groups just as my work as a facilitator is informed by my art. Both experiences are grounded in the moment. Working in the flow. Being with that which is.

My art is a direct outgrowth of my experiential training in psychology. Every piece begins with a deeply felt emotion, authentically expressed. I like to work in series, focusing on an idea or an emotion or a particular moment in time.  Sometimes an individual painting takes months or years to complete, building layer upon layer over time. Other work appears full-blown in moments, as if by magic.

 I began creating sumi-e ink drawings to explore my personal “marks” and to discipline myself to create more authentically in the moment. I frequently create hundreds of these drawings at a sitting. Each individual drawing is created in a brief moment in time. The first drawings are terrible, destined for the recycling bin. Then the magic moment arrives: I’m in the flow and each drawing becomes an authentic expression of that particular moment. Just as quickly the moment disappears. An exhilarating experience. Captured.

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